Oh, this thing?

Oh that’s right. We made a blog.

It’s been two years, give or take, since we blogged. LOL…like we’d actually blog consistently. It’s been crazy. Life seems to drift in and out of being madly chaotic and mind-numbingly boring. What can I say?

So Much For First Impressions

We are Jeremy and Tori, a couple of kids who grew up in the midwest, met in upstate NY, fell in love and decided to move to the big, fabulous city by the bay. We created this blog to showcase our adventures, so join us as we explore, laugh and eat our way through San Francisco!

For our first blog entry, we’re going to blog about something dear to our hearts… BREAKFAST BURRITOS! Jeremy gets all the credit for these addictive morsels. Be forewarned, we love spicy food and frequently make things as spicy as humanly possible. We believe in cooking these simply. They’re just eggs, cheddar cheese, a pepper and sometimes chorizo. This morning we were feeling particularly ambitious and added our offensive “9-11 sauce*” to our burritos. Aren’t they pretty?

Brekkie Burrito

Our “9-11” sauce was pretty much a joke to begin with. It’s a just jalepeƱo and onion puree that goes into Jeremy’s Famous Burgers, but we ended up saving some and decided they were perfect for the burritos. And yes, we added Cholula hot sauce too.

The Sauce

"Weapons of Ass Destruction"

* We mean no offense by our offensive “9-11” sauce, we are in no way trivializing the events that occurred on Sept. 11th, it’s just really, really hot sauce.

I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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